A better way to build Sitefinity

Random is a free suite of Drag\Drop MVC Widgets and developer extensions to use with Sitefinity made with ❤️ by sitefinitysteve.com

Frequently asked questions

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How much do they cost?
100% Free to use on any site you want. Please consider donating to their development if they're helping you out though.
What if I experience issues?
Since they are open source, please direct all issues into GitHub Issues.
Can you build us a widget?
Sure, contact us and we can chat about what you need. If you don't need to OWN it, consider adding it as a feature request to Github for this Library.
How often do you update?
Assembly binding means we don't have to re-release for every Sitefinity version, so don't worry about being locked in. As long as your SF version is equal to or less than our compiled DLL, it'll just work.

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